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EPA Game Day Challenge

Posted October 16, 2014

The student-led Bowdoin Green Athletics group is hosting a major recycling event called the Game Day Challenge at the homecoming football game this Saturday. Initiated by the EPA, the nationwide Game Day Challenge gives colleges and universities the opportunity to promote waste reduction at home football games. During the game, volunteers help spectators sort their recyclables, compostable items, and leftover trash into the proper bins. Afterwards, each college and university registered in the event reports waste reduction and disposal data collected.

Schools compete for both the national challenge and for conference awards. While the national challenge is based on diversion rates and total recycling numbers, the conference awards focus on five specific categories: recycling, waste generation, greenhouse gas reduction, organics reduction, and the conference diversion rate. Because these metrics are based on per capita statistics, all schools compete on the same playing field. The program's website explains registration and rules in detail. 

Bowdoin is currently the only NESCAC school participating in the 2014 challenge. Click here for a list of all institutions registered for the 2014 Game Day Challenge.

Bowdoin Green Athletics leverages the school's athletic department and affiliated events to promote campus sustainability and waste reduction. Inspired by the nationwide Greening the Games movement, Green Athletics works closely with the Athletic Department and the Sustainability Office to implement practical solutions that support the College's sustainability efforts. 

Look out for student volunteers at the game this weekend - Go U Green Bears! 

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