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Close Encounters with the Supersharks

Story posted November 13, 2014

Event date(s): December 01, 2010 — December 01, 2010

Wednesday, November 19th, 7pm
Common Room, Adams Hall

Nick will present a behind-the-scenes look at some of his groundbreaking film/research projects and the extraordinary effort these projects sometimes entail. Included will be the first-ever underwater enounter by man with a free-swimming Greenland shark, first-ever underwater footage of a Great White shark in Atlantic waters (off Cape Cod), as well as first-ever underwater footage and stills of Basking sharks in the Gulf of Maine.

About Nick: Nick graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland in 1973, and thereafter began his post-graduate work with Eugenie Clark, Ph.D. In 1974 he was awarded his first grant to study and film "sleeping" shark behavior with Eugenie off Isla Mujeres, Mexico. During his research there, he befriended a renowned filmmaker, Ramon Bravo, who taught him the finer aspects of filming marine life and wild pelagic sharks for documentaries and Hollywood. These initial experiences would later inspire Nick in his career as an extraordinary underwater filmmaker.