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The Climate Reality Project with Richard Jennings

Story posted February 04, 2013

Event date(s): February 01, 2013 — February 14, 2013

February 10, 2013: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Adams Hall, Room 111 (Common Room)
Open to the Bowdoin Community

The Climate Reality Project was developed by Al Gore in 2006, and has been refined since then, to reflect current issues and challenges. Floods, fires, droughts, storms all over the globe are portrayed, with the resulting human impacts. The presentation is about the reality of our changing climate, and of the urgent need to take action now to do all we can to moderate and adapt to it.

richardjenningsRichard Jennings was born in Belfast, Maine. He attended Harvard College and Western Reserve Medical School. Richard had a general practice in Maine and then served with the Department of State as Embassy Medical Officer in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Dr. Jennings later was a faculty member at Harvard, Tufts, BU and the University of Massachusetts, while practicing psychiatry in the Springfield area. Richard received training for the Climate Reality Project with Al Gore in San Francisco, CA in 2012. His focus is now on the effects of our changing climate, and how we must cope and adapt for the sake of future.