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Environmental Studies

Students Map Possibilities For A Better Future

Posted April 29, 2013


Students in last fall's Introduction to GIS course have proven that maps can be a powerful tool for the common good. The students, many of whom had never used sophisticated mapping programs like ArcGIS before taking the class, recently presented their semester-long research projects to fellow students and local professionals, including land conservationists, town planners and other community officials.
From charting the effects of rising sea levels on midcoast communities to siting a communal food marketing and processing hub for farmers, the students demonstrated that they are nimble problem solvers who can take advantage of technology to improve the world around them. Prior to the start of the semester, Prof. Eileen Johnson, Bowdoin's Environmental Studies' program manager and adjunct lecturer, identified several community problems for students to tackle. Students then selected their projects and consulted with local officials to hone their project focus.

To learn more about the specific mapping projects and complete the article, click on the following link: http://www.bowdoindailysun.com/2013/01/bowdoin-students-map-possibilities-for-a-better-future/#1

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