Location: Bowdoin / Environmental Studies / Activity / 2013 / Local Political Geography and Institutional Racial Inequality

Environmental Studies

Local Political Geography and Institutional Racial Inequality

Story posted September 25, 2013

Event date(s): December 01, 2010 — December 01, 2010

October 23rd, 7 pm. Searles 315

Dr. Parnell is a demographer who runs a non-profit firm in North Carolina (Cedar Grove Institute, website: http://www.cedargroveinst.org/). He and his group do research and analysis to provide support for legal cases involving civil rights, predatory lending, segregation in schools, institutionalized discrimination, and community economic development.

The institute uses demographic data (such as the US census) and GIS data to push for social justice. It provides multi-disciplinary technical analysis of public data in the areas of economic development, fair housing, education, environmental justice, equitable land use, and a broad variety of other topics. The small nonprofit works with community organizations, neighborhood and community leaders, economic development agencies, attorneys, nonprofits, and government agencies to support the development and survival of diverse, prosperous, and self-reliant communities across the nation. In his lecture, Dr. Parnell will focus on describing some interesting uses of demographic data and GIS to help communities, giving examples of his own work.