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Mother: Caring for 7 Billion

Story posted March 09, 2012

Event date(s): April 01, 2012 — April 09, 2012

Friday, April 6th, 7pm
Smith Auditorium, Sills Hall

There will be a showing of the film Mother: Caring for 7 Billion, the award winning film about the impact on people and the Earth posed by human's growing population. The film breaks a 40-year taboo by bringing to light an issue that silently fuels our largest environmental, humanitarian and social crises - population growth. Since the 1960s the world population has nearly doubled, adding more than 3 billion people. At the same time, talking about population has become politically incorrect because of the sensitivity of the issues surrounding the topic- religion, economics, family planning and gender inequality. The film illustrates both the over consumption and the inequity side of the population issue by following Beth, a mother, a child-rights activist and the last sibling of a large American family of twelve, as she discovers the thorny complexities of the population dilemma and highlights a different path to solve it. Click here to watch the trailer for the movie.

We are excited to be able to partner with Brunswick community members and so many groups at Bowdoin. The supporting departments and organizations at Bowdoin include: Bowdoin Film Society, Environmental Studies Program, Green Bowdoin, Hillel, McKeen Center for the Common GOod, Muslim Student's Association, Sustainable Bowdoin, Women's Resource Center.