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Environmental Studies

Community Reads Program with Janisse Ray

Story posted November 27, 2012

Event date(s): November 01, 2012 — April 01, 2012


Janisse Ray is writer, naturalist and activist, and the author of four books of literary nonfiction and a collection of nature poetry. In her most recent book The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food, Ray writes about the renaissance of local food, farming, and place-based culinary traditions taking hold across the country and of something small, critically important, and profoundly at risk that is being overlooked in this local food resurgence: seeds. We are losing our seeds. Of the thousands of seed varieties available at the turn of the 20th century, 94 percent have been lost-forever. With a quiet urgency The Seed Underground reminds us that while our underlying health, food security, and sovereignty may be at stake as seeds disappear, so, too, are the stories, heritage, and history that passes between people as seeds are passed from hand to hand.

There will be a series of informal discussion about the book and sustainable agriculture over dinner pm Friday, March 22, Monday March 25, and Wednesday March 27. Copies of the book are now available at Hatch Science Library and H&L. Read the book and participate in the book discussions!

Janisse will also be coming to Bowdoin on March 29 to give a lecture, click here for more details.

Too listen to a brief interivew with Jannise on the radio show Living on Earth click here