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Environmental Studies

Spring Semester Events

Story posted December 06, 2010

Event date(s): January 27, 2011 — May 15, 2011

 Meet What You Eat
A Series to Raise Awareness About Eating Locally

Talk with Jeremy Litchfield, Founder of Maine's Own ATAYNE Athletic Gear
Tuesday, April 26
Buck 211, 8-9 pm

Pilgrims of the Vertical: Yosemite Rock Climbing and the Nature of Risk (Joseph Taylor)
Wednesday, April 27 7:30 PM
Main Lounge, Moulton Union

Few things suggest rugged individualism as powerfully as the solitary mountaineer testing his or her mettle in the rough country, yet the long history of wilderness sport complicates this image. Joseph Taylor will discuss the early years of technical climbing in North America, paying special attention to events in Yosemite Valley. Through Yosemite climbers we see how an intensely social pastime evolved into an activity that emphasized individual achievements and isolated, wilderness experiences. Joseph (Jay) Taylor is one of the nation's leading environmental historians. He is associate professor of history and geography at Simon Fraser University.

The Environmental History of Fisheries: A Workshop with Joseph Taylor, and Coastal Studies Scholar Ted Ames
Thursday, April 28 4:00 PM
ES Common Room, Adams Hall 

New England Tree Climbing Competition (New England Chapter of the International Society of Abroriculture)
David Vail
Saturday, May 7