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Cooked: A documentary film & social action project in process

Story posted February 21, 2011

Event date(s): April 14, 2011 — April 15, 2011

A film by Judith Helfand
Sreening and discussion
Thursday, April 14
4:00-6:30 pm
ES Common Room, Adams Hall

The documentary Cooked is more than just a film with a tongue-in-cheek title about the Chicago heat wave of 1995. It is an engrossing investigation of the class division in America that dictates how natural disasters hit some neighborhoods harder than others. In this case, Peabody award winning documentarian Judith Helfand focuses on the heat wave that killed 739 Chicagoans in just one week.

Cooked uses the Chicago heat “disaster” to question what constitutes a disaster. Most of the victims of heat-related deaths had three things in common: they were elderly, isolated and poor. Most of them were African American. What then, was the real disaster? Was it the heat? Or was it the lack of air conditioning and cooled public refuges on the south side of Chicago?

Sponsored by the Sociology and Anthropology, English, and Film Studies Departments, and the Environmental Studies Program.