To College Counselors and Guidance Professionals:

We are thrilled that you are looking for more information about Bowdoin College and we hope this page gathers the answers to some of your questions. We also invite you to call if talk with one of our admissions or financial aid staff.

Our students provide many reasons for choosing Bowdoin and the answers, as personal as they are, tend to point to some of the long standing values and personality of Bowdoin. We are built on the principle of the Common Good – to recognize the opportunity for learners to both consume and contribute at the same time.  Our students are motivated, and curious, and they expect to collaborate, to share, and honor the differences they bring to the conversation.

Likewise, Bowdoin’s admission practices honor the same values we expect from our students – deliberate and thoughtful consideration, and respect for each individual applicant.

We have a history of prioritizing access in admissions:


Whitney Soule
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

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Profile Information

Bowdoin is a diverse place. Students come to Brunswick from 35 countries and 48 states; they have very different socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds; and they bring myriad talents with them to college. Testing averages and demographic breakdowns tell only a small portion of their stories, but we recognize the usefulness of such information.

In addition to stats about the incoming first-year class, the link below will also point to admissions statistics: acceptance and yield rates, Early Decision statistics, and information about financial aid.

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Colby-Bates-Bowdoin (CBB) Counselor Tour

Along with our colleagues at Bates and Colby, Bowdoin Admissions is a proud host of this annual counselor visit program. The CBB tour affords high school counselors from across the country an opportunity to visit three Maine institutions in the upper echelon of national liberal arts colleges. The three day program (traditionally held in early September) includes tours, panels and informational sessions focused on identifying the distinguishing characteristics of each respective school as well as an opportunity to explore Maine's largest city, Portland. Following the experience, counselors leave better able to inform and advise their students about these three outstanding colleges.

The CBB tour is a selective program designed primarily for secondary school counselors and community-based organizations. Transportation and lodging is covered by the CBB consortium and travel arrangements are made at their discretion.

Apply for the CBB counselor tour September 16-18, 2018  »

Individual Counselor Visits to Bowdoin

We encourage you to visit Bowdoin whenever you're able. A typical counselor visit happens during the academic year and includes a campus tour and general information session, a meal on campus, and (provided schedules coincide) a brief meeting with the Bowdoin admissions officer representing your area. With ample notice, we might also arrange for current students from your region to join you for lunch and a discussion about their Bowdoin experiences. Contact your regional admissions officer as you begin to plan your visit. Find your regional counselor »

We also invite a limited number of counselors to visit Bowdoin twice a year, in early November and in June. Please fill out the Counselor Request Form to express interest in this program.

"As a new counselor, this was an excellent opportunity for professional development. I learned just as much from the Bowdoin staff as a I did from my counseling peers. Bowdoin has a deep commitment to the academic and social well-being of its students, and it was very apparent during this trip." Clara Baron-Hyppolite, College Track

"It was terrific to see how Bowdoin has become such a compassionate and connected community. I believe students would feel well supported at the College regardless of their background, ethnicity, race of socio-economic status. Academic expectations continue to be as high as they have ever been at Bowdoin, but students learn in collaborative ways, pursuing passions in depth and breadth. The beauty of the campus and its environs in Brunswick, on the coast of Maine, is unsurpassed." Marty Elkins, Ransom Everglades School

CASCO Conference

CASCO (Collaborative for Access & Successful College Outcomes)

If you work with guiding underrepresented and first-generation college students along the path to college preparedness, admission, and enrollment success, this conference is for you. CASCO conference unites and empowers professionals from high schools, community organizations, and college admissions and student affairs in building solid pathways for student success.  Currently, we are focusing on methodology and resources within small, residential, liberal arts colleges.

For general inquiries, please feel free to contact us at or join our mailing list.

Bringing Student Groups to Visit

With a few weeks of advance notice, we are happy to offer campus tours and general information sessions for chaperoned high school student groups.

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Multicultural Fly-In Programs

Twice each fall, Bowdoin hosts a campus visitation program for high school seniors from diverse backgrounds. These Explore Bowdoin programs give prospective students a weekend-long look at the College and its academic and social opportunities. Bowdoin covers the travel and food expenses for Explore Bowdoin attendees.

If you work with talented students from underrepresented ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds who you believe would be a good fit for Bowdoin, encourage them to submit an Explore Bowdoin application.

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Meet Our Staff

The Bowdoin admissions staff is arranged regionally, with each staff member representing a state or world region in the admissions process. In addition to reading applications from students schooling in these regions, admissions officers may travel to their areas once or twice per year, usually in the fall or spring.

We encourage you to reach out and establish a relationship with your regional admissions officer, either by phone or email, or in person.

The Bowdoin Admissions Staff »