Extended Thanksgiving Break—November 4, 2021 (Rose, Lohmann, Scanlon)
These last twenty months have required you to contend with significant and persistent challenges that have fundamentally altered regular aspects of your lives. The emotional toll from this on everyone has been significant, and Theo’s death is a tragedy that has added great sadness on top of these challenges.

Counseling and Support Resources—October 30, 2021 (Lohmann)
Today’s tragic death of Theo Danzig ’22 is a shocking and devastating loss for his family and loved ones and for our entire community. As we work to support one another in the hours and days ahead, please know that there are many resources available to assist.

A Message from Counseling and Wellness Services—September 22, 2021 (Mendiola)
I am grateful to President Rose for highlighting the needs, challenges, and developments regarding mental health and mental health services on campus in his recent message marking the start of Bowdoin’s 220th academic year. I appreciate the opportunity to further address the College on these matters.

Missed COVID Test Policy—September 16, 2021 (Odejimi)
I am writing to notify you of updates to Bowdoin's policy regarding missed COVID-19 tests. This email is time-sensitive and important, so please read it. 

Top Ten Tips to Dodge Delta and Make the Most out of This Year—August 31, 2021 (Lohmann)
You made it! Every one of you navigated the past eighteen months—both the heart-wrenching challenges and the hidden opportunities, some unique and others shared—and now, here you are: ready to begin your first, second, third, or fourth year at Bowdoin.

Reminder: Read the Community Standards—August 31, 2021 (Odejimi)
Welcome to the 2021 – 2022 academic school year! You are back! It has been a LONG 18 months and although we are not entirely back to “normal,” we are excited to welcome everyone back to campus.  The College strives to provide a quality academic experience while providing thoughtful programming and opportunities for students to engage and connect.  If you find that you need support over the course of the semester and year, please do not hesitate to reach out to the hosts of resources you have on campus.  We want to help.  We recognize that this year is an adjustment for everyone and the College is prepared to help you navigate changes and difficulties.