Support Staff Advocacy Committee (SSAC)

Support Staff Advocacy Committee

The Support Staff Advocacy Committee (SSAC) is a standing committee of the College that serves as a resource for support staff by facilitating open lines of communication between the administration and staff.

The Committee is made up of support staff who have volunteered or been recommended for up to a three-year term. The SSAC will endeavor to keep abreast of College work-life issues that may affect support staff, propose ways that it can be improved in all areas, and reach out as needed with staff to share related information. 

Committee Members

Please feel free to contact SSAC members regarding concerns or ideas you may have pertaining to the committee.

Amanda Bennett Cook ll-Dining Services Spring 2025
Catia Cunha Technical Support Coordinator, Annual Giving Spring 2025
Kara Drummond Administrative Coordinator – Residential Life 725-3005 Spring 2026
Sarah Heath Facilities 725-3211 Spring 2025
Stephanie LeMieux Administrative Coordinator/Account Payable Specialist – Dining

725-3211 Spring 2025
Erica Neally Human Resources Coordinator 208-2754 Spring 2026
Chris Toole Cook II - Dining Spring 2025
Jamie White Administrative Assistant - Admissions Systems

725-3464 Spring 2025
Tama Spoerri, ex officio Human Resources 725-3838