Jeannie Sellick

Affiliation: Religion
Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion

Jeannie Sellick is a recent graduate of the University of Virginia’s Religious Studies PhD program. She defended her dissertation, “The Strongest Seed: Jerome’s Fashioning of an Ascetic Masculinity in Late Antiquity” in June 2022 and she is perpetually excited to share it with anyone who asks. She specializes in constructions of gender and sexuality in the religious traditions of the ancient and late antique Mediterranean with a particular focus on queer masculinities. When she’s not teaching or writing, you can find Jeannie hanging out with her geriatric dog, Missy, critiquing Marvel movies, and perfecting her buffalo wing recipe.

Curriculum Vitae

Jeannie Sellick laughing


  • PhD, University of Virginia
  • MPhil, University of Oxford
  • BA, University of California San Diego