Fernando Nascimento

Assistant Professor of Digital and Computational Studies

A scholar of Digital and Computational Studies, Hermeneutics, and Ethics. He worked for almost twenty years in the telecommunication industry developing software for mobile devices worldwide. In parallel, he has also been studying and teaching Philosophy, with a special focus on the ethical and hermeneutical works of the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur. He is currently working on establishing a digital portal that will provide a template for digital humanities advanced textual analytics on Ricoeur corpus that can be re-instantiated for other thinkers and academic communities. His current research is considering the mutual and bidirectional relationships between hermeneutics and digital textual analysis. This study intends both to reflect on the new hermeneutical possibilities for digital textual analysis and also to discuss how to apply digital textual analysis to provide new ways to interpret and publish humanistic studies. A second research interest area involves the discussion of ethical and ontological aspects of technologies in our current society as well as perspectives for the near future.


  • PhD, Philosophy, Catholic University of Sao Paulo, 2015
  • MS, Philosophy, Catholic University of Sao Paulo, 2008
  • BS, Philosophy, Catholic University of Campinas, 2005
  • BS, Computer Science, Catholic University of Campinas, 1997