APO2020 Virtual Workshop
August 19, 20:00–21:30 UTC
August 27, 12:00–13:30 UTC

A pair of sessions designed to provide an opportunity to discuss the science of atmospheric oxygen and related species. Participants will share recent work, coordinate future efforts and strengthen a sense of community in these times of social isolation. The sessions will be conducted using secure Zoom meetings.

Program: View a schedule of presenters and discussion topics.

Registration: Participation is free, but requires registration. If you have not yet registered, register here.

Asynchronous viewing: Both sessions will be recorded and available for later viewing. You will need to register to access the recordings.

Follow-up workshops: View information on next year’s follow-up workshop.

 The organizing committee welcomes the participation of all scientists in related fields.

Mark Battle, Harro Meijer, Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher, Eric Morgan, Penelope Pickers, Britt Stephens, Yasunori Tohjima


Wednesday, August 19 (all times UTC)

20:00 Welcoming remarks Mark Battle
20:03 Report on Activity at U. of Calgary (Canada) Ann-Lise Norman
20:13 Report on Activity at RUG (Netherlands) Linh Nguyen & Harro Meijer
20:23 Report on Activity at UEA (United Kingdom) Andrew Manning & Nico Mayot
20:33 Report on Activity at SIO & NCAR (USA) Keeling group & Britt Stephens
20:43 Report on Activity at NIPR & TU (Japan) D. Goto & S. Morimoto
20:53 Report on Activity at AIST (Japan) S. Ishidoya & N. Aoki
21:03 Group Discussion: Scales & Intercomparisons Discussion leader: Andrew Manning
21:16 Group discussion: Data reconciliation & ObsPack O2 Discussion leader: Britt Stephens
21:30 Adjourn

Thursday, August 27 (all times UTC)

12:00 Report on activity at WUR (Netherlands) Ingrid Luijx
12:10 Report on activity at Bowdoin (USA) Mark Battle
12:18 Report on activity at Goettingen (Germany) Alexander Knohl
12:28 Report on activity at NPL (United Kingdom) Valerie Livina
12:38 Report on activity at U of Colorado, Boulder (USA) Cynthia Nevison
12:48 Report on activity at MPI Jena (Germany) Christian Rödenbeck & Tonatiuh Nuñez
13:00 Discussion on Coordinated Modelling Efforts Discussion leader: Christian Rödenbeck
13:18 Discussion on the Scope of Future Workshops Discussion leader: Mark Battle
13:30 Adjourn


To register, send an e-mail to mbattle@bowdoin.edu with “APO2020 registration” in subject line.  If the e-mail is received at least an hour before either session starts, you will receive a link to the Zoom meeting(s) by return e-mail and will be able to view the session and participate in discussions in real time.  Regardless of when you submit your registration, you will receive links to view recordings of the sessions once the sessions have concluded and the recordings have uploaded.


Assuming the COVID-19 pandemic is under control, an in-person workshop (with optional telepresence) will be held August 18-20, 2021, at Bowdoin College in Maine.  While we hope that all those who participate in this year’s virtual sessions will attend the workshop next year, participation in the two events is not linked.