After the College-wide completion of DiversityEdu and engagement with Racial Equity Institute Bowdoin has laid some important building blocks on the road to a deeper and richer understanding of diversity and inclusion. We are now left with the important question of what comes next. For some units on campus there is a tremendous amount of internal capacity to do research and plan programs and intervention to further the work. For others there is a gap between desire and the skillset necessary to promote positive, sustainable change. Some examples of programs the Office of Diversity and Inclusion might work with divisions, offices, and departments on includes: and   
  • Developing a new delivery model or support in training for their team
  • Specific instruction or support on recruiting
  • Enhanced education on microaggressions and understanding the generational shift in the student body  

Application and program development process

  • Identify consultants, training, speakers, books, or other media that might help solve some of the concerns that exist.  
  • Identify potential synergies and collaborations with other units/departments to broaden the impact of the proposed initiatives.   
  • Create a brief proposal that outlines specific deliverables that the training is meant to either build or enhance at Bowdoin and serve both the individuals/units and the larger community, get the proposal approved by the senior officer of the division, and submit the proposal using this form
  • Proposals should not include travel costs for sending staff or faculty off campus and should generally be under $10,000. 
  • Departmental funds can be used to start the engagement and this pool of money can be considered to supplement and enhance or even increase the efficacy of the project. 

All proposals will be carefully reviewed but not all requests will be funded. Proposals not funded in their first iteration will receive feedback and be invited to resubmit. The priority will be for those proposals that impact the greatest number of people and have the clearest learning/change objectives and goals.