Actor, Comedienne Maggie Seymour ’16 Returns to Maine to Revisit Shakespeare Classic

By Tom Porter

Actor, comedienne, and playwright Maggie Seymour ’16 is “thrilled” to be returning to Maine to perform at the Camden Shakespeare Festival.

maggie seymour combo image - dromio and herself
Seymour will play the role of identical twin Dromio of Syracuse. Her advice for anyone wanting to pursue a career on stage: "Hold on tightly and let go lightly!"

The English and theater double major will be starring in William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors—a tale of mistaken identity sparked by the presence of two sets of twin brothers in the same town, each unaware of the other’s presence. Seymour will be performing the role of one of the main characters, Dromio of Syracuse, twin brother of Dromio of Ephesus.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be back in Maine, doing Shakespeare and doing this show specifically. It is one of my favorites,” remarked Seymour, who is already very familiar with The Comedy of Errors. Several years ago, when they were still students, Seymour and her frequent collaborator, Olivia Atwood ’17, produced a modern, two-woman take on the play called 15 Villainous Fools, which went on to enjoy considerable success on the fringe theater circuit. 

Since graduation, Seymour has been busy working more with Atwood, teaching theater in New York City, where she has also “really enjoyed clowning around in a handful of improv groups.” Most recently, Seymour earned an MFA in international theater at the highly prestigious Rose Bruford College in London, England. 

The Comedy of Errors will be showing at this year’s Camden Shakespeare Festival, premiering on July 10 in the Camden Amphitheatre. “It is probably Shakespeare’s most fun show to perform, and least Shakespearean,” says director Stephen Legawiec. “This play has it all: madcap comedy, mistaken identity, seduction, slapstick, bad puns, and a family reunion beyond belief! No play contains more comedy, or more errors.” Click here for tickets.