Student Band Pricks the Ears of Maine's Biggest Newspaper

By Rebecca Goldfine
The Portland Press Herald featured Night Hawk on the cover of its Monday paper, describing how the band has sought much of its songwriting inspiration from Edward Hopper paintings.
Night Hawk bandmates
Night Hawk bandmates, back row: songwriter and guitarist Colter Adams ’24, singer and songwriter Peyton Semjen ’24, guitarist Zach Leibowitz ’24. Front row: cellist Layla Rafimayeri ’24, bassist Shea Sewall ’24, guitarist Alex Kozic ’24, and drummer Courtney Burnett ’26. Photo by Alex Spear ’24.

When Colter Adams ’24 and Peyton Semjen ’24 started Night Hawk in the midst of the pandemic, they set out to answer the question, “What do Edward Hopper paintings sound like?” the Press Herald's Megan Gray writes.

Today the band is regularly playing local gigs, including an upcoming April 19 concert at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art for an event called “Edward Hopper Recomposed.”

Museum codirector Frank Goodyear told the paper, “Hopper’s work, I think there’s a certain silence in those pictures...Critics have long talked about the kind of sense of loneliness, the sense of quiet in his pictures. What Colter and Peyton are doing is to try to create musical companions to these pictures, and I think that’s a completely intriguing and wonderful idea.”

The band has just released a debut EP, and are planning a Northeast tour this summer.