Lisa Rendall Wins Alumni Award for Faculty and Staff

By Bowdoin News

Lisa Rendall has made Bowdoin feel like home for generations of students since her arrival at the College in 1998.


As her citation notes, Rendall oversees all housing-related matters at the College with thoughtfulness, warmth, and a personal touch all her own, working with students individually to ensure that they have the best possible Bowdoin experience. Like the spoke of a wheel, she also “connects Residential Life with many other offices across campus, working strategically and collaboratively for the benefit of students and the entire College community.”

The care with which she approaches her duties is described as “both legendary and inspiring.” From decorating the office walls with student art to conducting personal meetings with students about their housing lottery options to hosting Residential Life staff dinners at her home, Rendall demonstrates to students in many meaningful ways that Bowdoin sees them, and cares for them, as individuals. She is, according to one staff member, “the biggest cheerleader for Bowdoin students,” frequently attending athletic events and performances to show support. Unsurprisingly, alumni returning to campus frequently seek Rendall out to reconnect and catch up with her, even inviting her to their weddings.

A colleague referred to Rendall as a “super connector,” noting how she consistently finds ways to collaborate with others on campus and how her network of relationships among staff, students, and alumni helps bring the campus community together. She willingly serves on multiple college committees and working groups, including the Campus Enrollment Committee, the Disability Task Force, the Upper-Class Building Committee, and the Campus Emergency Task Force, enthusiastically venturing well beyond her job description to help guide the strategic direction of the College.

As one staff member concluded, simply, “Lisa works to make Bowdoin a better place.”  Whether volunteering to organize Commencement line-up or meeting with a student to help solve a challenging problem, Rendall selflessly and tirelessly works to make the campus more welcoming, caring, and connected.

She will be formally presented with the award at Reunion Convocation Ceremony on Saturday, June 1, 2024.