Art-Filled Center: December Open House Draws Crowds

By Jane Godiner ’23 and Rebecca Goldfine
Works from this semester's nine visual arts classes and three independent studies were on display Friday night at the the annual December open house for the Department of Visual Arts.

The department on Dec. 9 invited the community to come take in the array of art from students in all of the semester classes. Additionally, Abby Wang ’23 and Isaac Gelb ’23 shared works from their independent studies (Wang completed two).

  • Drawing I (Section A & B), taught by both Mark Wethli and Mary Hart
  • Printmaking I, Mary Hart
  • Painting I, James Mullen
  • Photo I, Michael Kolster
  • Sculpture I, Audrey Shakespear
  • Digital Media I, Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay
  • Landscape Painting, James Mullen
  • Photography and Color, Michael Kolster
  • Digital Media II, Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay
  • Installation Art, Audrey Shakespear

Mark Wethli, who is Bowdoin's A. Leroy Greason Professor of Art and taught Drawing I this fall, was spotted exploring the drawings, photographs, paintings, and other creations. He said he appreciates how many people congregate at the Edwards Center for Art and Dance for this event every year.

"I walk around the building and see people here that I don't see any other time," he said. "Just to see the halls filled with people, and to hear a kind of wonderful buzz and people being excited by what they're seeing is so rewarding.”

Milo Young-Perez ’23, a student in Drawing I, had some works on display and was eager to talk about them to a passerby.  “I think I had the most fun working on our final project," they said. "The prompt was 'tell a story,' but other than that we got full freedom on what we were creating and what medium we used."

Young-Perez, who is a visual arts minor, described feeling a sense of gratitude for the other students in the drawing class ("some really talented and special artists") and for the art faculty. "Our professors play a huge role in fostering our creative journeys and growth as artists, and I know we’re all so thankful for them," Young-Perez said.

Photos by Andrew Estey