Published June 30, 2022

Faculty Media Mentions July 2021–June 2022

Faculty in the media spotlight throughout the academic year.


Associate Professor of Africana Studies Judith Casselberry quoted in NPR music review, paying tribute to the recently deceased soul singer Sarah Dash (9/27/21).

Associate Professor of Africana Studies and English Tess Chakkalakal featured in several local press sources, including the Times Record, talking about an exhibition she curated at the Maine Maritime Museum exploring the state’s economic ties to slavery (12/13/21).

Geoffrey Canada Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History Brian Purnell quoted in a Times Record/Portland Press Herald article: Maine prepares for first Juneteenth as a state holiday (6/16/22)



Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology Justin Baumann quoted in a Science Magazine piece discussing the resilience of coral reefs.

Assistant Professor of Biology Patricia Jones mentioned in Science Blog. A rare discovery of long-term memory in wild frog-eating bats.  (June 21, 2022)



Charles Weston Pickard Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Emeritus David Page was quoted in a Portland Press Herald article on March 27 about concern over PFAS “forever” chemicals in Maine fish. Page discussed his own research into the leakage of chemicals from the former Brunswick Naval Air Station (3/27/22).



Sarah and James Bowdoin Professor of Digital and Computational Studies Eric Chown discusses the metaverse as a guest on Maine Public Radio’s phone-in show Maine Calling.

Artificial Intelligence project team—Professors Chown (DCS), Cooper (CIN, ITAL), Franz (GOV), and Nascimento (DCS), picked up in 384 outlets including Yahoo News, MarketWatch, and KTLA (Los Angeles). Bowdoin College chosen for national initiative on AI ethics.



A study on ceramic structures coauthored by Associate Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science Emily Peterman reviewed in Science Magazine. A star in the world of ceramic engineering (2/11/22)—picked up by other outlets.



Professor of Economics Zorina Khan quoted in this NYT op-ed on history of prizes: “What’s better? A prize or a patent?” (8/30/21).

Associate Professor of Economics Daniel Stone is a guest on Maine Public Radio’s call-in show Maine Calling, discussing misinformation and how this shapes behavior and contributes to a polarized society (9/27/21).

Zorina Khan quoted in a Financial Times opinion piece: Battles Over Patents can be Productive (10/14/21).

Adams-Catlin Professor of Economics Emeritus David Vail coauthored an op-ed in Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram supporting proposed consumer-owned power utility in Maine (12/12/21).

Assistant Professor of Economics Matthew Botsch comments on the impact of sanctions against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine in late February. He was quoted in a Portland Press Herald article (3/7/22).

David Vail writes an op-ed in Portland Press Herald: Maine Voices: Maine needs to “go big” to meet climate goals (3/22/22).



Professor of Education Doris Santoro featured in a College Fix article about her project on challenges facing teachers of color (7/31/21).

Professor of Education Chuck Dorn quoted on a Channel 13 piece about the impact of the pandemic on the teaching profession (8/11/21).

Doris Santoro quoted in two articles about teacher burnout and demoralization: District Administration—6 important ways to fend off teacher burnout and demoralizationEdSurgeTeachers Have Reached a Breaking Point. But Remedies Do Exist (10/12/21 and 10/13/21).

Doris Santoro quoted in the Columbia Missourian. Her study on teacher well-being is cited in an article about COVID-related stresses facing educators (11/01/21).

Doris Santoro’s study on teacher well-being also quoted in a piece published in the Hechinger Report on teacher wellness (11/17/21).



Tess Chakkalakal (see above under Africana Studies). 

Assistant Professor of English Alex Marzano-Lesnevich publishes a guest essay in The New York Times: Opinion: Who Should Be Allowed to Transition?



Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of Government Andrew Rudalevige quoted in an article in the education news site The74Million: From tragedy to triumph to failure: How 9/11 helped pass No Child Left Behind—and fueled its eventual demise. (9/08/21).

Associate Professor of Government Barbara Elias authors an article in Foreign Policy. Why the Taliban Won’t Quit al Qaeda (9/21/21).

Gary M. Pendy Sr. Professor of Social Sciences Jean Yarbrough profiled in the Portland Press Herald. She’s not talking about politics, though, but her passion for foraging wild mushrooms in the woods (10/19/21).

Yale Journal on Regulation published the introduction to a symposium on the latest book by Andrew Rudalevige, By Executive Order, which examines the limits of presidential power (10/25/21).

Professor of Government Michael Franz shared his insight with Maine Public Radio, talking about Maine’s Question 1, which proposed halting a planned energy corridor. Here's how CMP's “retroactive laws” message could unite groups against Question 1. (10/27/21).

Andrew Rudalevige quoted on NECN. Former President Trump Calls Maine Sen. Collins “Wacky” (2/01/22).

Associate Professor of Government and Asian Studies Christopher Heurlin quoted in Al Jazeera article “Turning Point”: War in Ukraine Tests Shaky US-China Relations  (3/15/22).

Andrew Rudalevige featured in NECN report on Maine Sen. Collins’ support for Judge Jackson's confirmation to Supreme Court (3/30/22). Picked up by two other Maine news channels.

Professor of Government Laura Henry coauthored Monkey Cage blog in Washington Post: Putin called fleeing Russians ‘traitors.’ Who’s actually leaving? (3/31/22).

Laura Henry teams up with Laura Howells ’20 to write an article published on the website of the NYU Jordan Center for Advanced Study of Russia: Digital Authoritarianism at War: Controlling Russia’s Information Space. (5/03/22).

Andrew Rudalevige quoted in NECN/NBC 10 [Boston] report on US Supreme Court leak (5/22/22).

Christopher Heurlin quoted in Al Jazeera report on US-China relations: Blinken lays out US strategy to counter China as rivalry grows (5/26/22).

Heurlin’s comments to Al Jazeera (above) picked up by China Daily: US lauds China’s advances, but still seeks to contain it (5/27/22). 

Associate Professor of Government Jeffrey Selinger discusses the congressional “January 6” hearings as a guest on Maine Public Radio’s phone-in show Maine Calling (6/16/22).

Jean Yarbrough discusses her career, malt whisky, and other topics on the Power Line podcast. Three Whiskey Happy Hour: Jean Yarbrough for the Tie-Breaker (6/18/22).

Andrew Rudalevige quoted on Wallethub. He is asked: Should presidential campaigns be publicly funded in order to help ensure the President is as independent as possible from special interests? (6/28/22).

Rudalevige quoted in NECN piece about the pressure facing Senator Susan Collins following the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade‘I Feel Misled': Collins Facing Backlash After Supreme Court Overturns Roe V. Wade (6/27/22).



Associate Professor of History and Environmental Studies Matthew Klingle quoted in a Washington Post article on the environmental challenges of hotter weather, particularly talking about impact on Seattle (7/22/21).

Associate Professor of History Meghan Roberts wrote an article on Age of Revolutions website: Hats off for the History of Science: Rethinking the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Claims about the Lavoisier Portrait  (10/04/21).

Professor of History Patrick Rael published an article in Perspectives on History on teaching slavery with board games. Playing with the Past (10/13/21).

Professor of History and Environmental Studies Connie Chiang piece published in The Conversation: The shameful stories of environmental injustices at Japanese American incarceration campus during WWII (2/10/22). Article picked up in many outlets, including the Houston Chronicle and Hearst Newspapers.

Meghan Roberts authored an article in Slate considering the impact of public displays of affection in eighteenth-century France. How Enlightenment Wife Guys Paved the Way for Instagram PDA (2/14/22).

Brian Purnell (see above, under Africana Studies).



Visiting Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies Irina Popescu wrote a piece for Inside Higher Ed looking at ways to practice mindfulness in the classroom (2/02/22).

Popescu in Bangor Daily News opinion piece: School’s out but public education is in danger (6/28/22).


Professor of Philosophy Emerita Sarah Conly authored an article about “China’s new paternalism” on the philosophy news site IAI news. She discusses China’s recently announced policies limiting the time children can play video games and banning private tutoring. Can the state know what’s best? (10/14/21).

Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy Aliosha Barranco Lopez shares insights from her research in an opinion piece for the Bangor Daily News: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shows the real danger of echo chambers (4/05/21).



Barry N. Wish Professor of Psychology and Social Studies Emerita Barbara Held published several opinion pieces throughout the year: 

Op-ed in NY Daily News responding to JD Vance’s “fighting words about voting and children.” Also picked up by Picked up by other outlets (8/18/22).

Maine Sunday Telegram: Maine Voices: Not so ancient history: First the plague, then the troops, comparing COVID to disease outbreaks in ancient Greece (9/05/21).

NY Daily News. Op-ed: Coping with the unvaccinated—within reason (10/07/21).

Writing in a Times Record/Portland Press Herald op-ed, she discussed the Nutcracker, Freud, and politics. Guest Column: Repressed Nutcracker memories—with real-world political implications (12/07/21).

Portland Press Herald piece explores mental health on campus in light of the death of Theo Danzig ’22. Maine Voices: Uncommon college doctor removed mental health therapy’s stigma—on campus and off (12/08/21).

Bangor Daily News: Political Word Tricks Damage Democracy (1/14/21). Picked up by other outlets.

Times Record/Portland Press Herald. Guest column: Empathy dos and don’ts in tough times (1/21/22).

New York Daily News: The American problem with “taking things well” (2/18/22).

Times Record/Portland Press Herald. Guest column: Pessimistic hope is not an oxymoron — in preserving democracy and all other endeavors (3/10/22).

New York Daily News: Is Putin Clinically Insane? (3/16/22).

Times Record/Portland Press Herald: Guest column: Reunion disunion—A case for skipping class reunions (4/26/22).

Times Record/Portland Press Herald: Morality Play—The Cost of Doing What Is Deemed Right (5/20/22).

Portland Press Herald: Maine Voices: Beware excess moderation on guns (6/12/22).

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Jennifer Honeycutt quoted in Chronicle of Higher Education article on challenges of returning to classroom after lockdown (8/26/21).



Research Associate in Russian and Environmental Studies Pavel Sulyandziga, an indigenous rights campaigner in exile from Russia, featured in Al Jazeera article: In Russia, Indigenous land defenders face intimidation and exile (1/21/22).



Assistant Professor of Sociology Theo Greene discusses the growth of “cancel culture” as a guest on Maine Public Radio’s phone-in show Maine Calling (2/25/22).