Published April 28, 2022 by Tom Porter

John Studzinski ’78 Series to Stimulate Debate on Important Topics

The American-British investment banker, philanthropist, and Bowdoin trustee emeritus John Studzinski ’78 has produced a series of blog posts aimed at sparking debate in a number of areas. 

studz - the philanthropists view. Corrected.

“The Philanthropist’s View,” as the series is called, tackles a number of topics, from mentoring and the impact of technology to charity governance and volunteering.

In the tenth, and final, post­—All for One?— Studzinski discusses diversity. “‘Diversity’ is a word we hear a lot these days,” he writes. “It has become synonymous with the equitable representation in our society of a multiplicity of ethnicities, communities and genders.” Diversity, however, is also a unifying factor, says Studzinski.

“By accepting our identity and recognising our purpose, and by acknowledging the distinctive contribution that other people have to make, we can all complement each other and so belong to a strong entity that is more than the sum of its parts—in other words, a union of diversity.

“This principle,” he continues, “is exemplified in any multidisciplinary arts project: a play, an opera, a film, a digital production, an ensemble performance by musicians or dancers, an exhibition … The substance and impact of each is the fruit of collaboration between people offering different talents and expertise—creative, technical, managerial and administrative. The audience participates in the ‘union’ too, validating the entire endeavour.” Read more.

The Philanthropist’s View is published through the Genesis Foundation, a nonprofit set up by Studzinski in 2001 to support young artists, directors, playwrights, actors, and musicians in the early stages of their professional lives.