CNBC: CXD’s Kristin Brennan on Negotiating Your First Job Offer—and Every One After That

By Bowdoin News

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. This is one of the simple yet salient points shared by Career Exploration and Development (CXD) Executive Director Kristin Brennan in CNBC’s roundup of advice for those preparing to negotiate their first job.

Job application

In addition to the good advice that it never hurts to ask (and that we needn’t feel greedy or ungrateful about it; it’s expected, says the article), Brennan also suggests keeping track of our projects—and the praise we receive—as both are good fodder for self-confidence and talking points when it comes time to negotiate a raise to that salary you’ve asked for and earned.

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Brennan was also tapped for her insight for the Impact Opportunity article, "Considering a Job Change? Get the Most Out of Informational Interviews."