Published August 23, 2021 by Jordyn Birmingham ’24 and Rebecca Goldfine

Three Funded Interns Grew Food This Summer to Give Away

Tucked away down a long dirt road in Newscastle, Maine, an organization called Veggies to Table (also known as Oui Farm) donates all the organic vegetables it produces each summer to people experiencing food insecurity.

Alison Jackson ’24, Elizabeth Cayenne-McCall ’24, and Jason Park ’20 each received a grant from Bowdoin Career Exploration and Development's funded internship program to work at the farm. They said they were all motivated to work for the nonprofit by its mission to help people more than by the chance to apprentice at a working farm (although they enjoyed that aspect, too). While they all helped run the farm—planting, harvesting, herding chickens, etc.—Park and Jackson also developed educational programs and organized fundraisers as their internship positions included administrative duties.