Published July 01, 2021 by Jordyn Birmingham ’24, Nina Ramores ’24

What To Do in Maine? Hmm, How About Take the Train to Old Orchard Beach!

Rising sophomores Jordyn Birmingham and Nina Ramores, who are working as multimedia correspondents for Bowdoin's communications office this summer, have decided to find out what students living on campus can get up to on their days off.

Each summer, many students live on campus to pursue research or work for the college. When they're not in the lab or at a desk, they have an absolute prerogative to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. There are lots of ways to get outside, and lots of way to get off campus, from trains and buses to taxis, bikes, or Bowdoin's Zipcars.

Birmingham and Ramores have made it a mission to document some of the possible adventures that await those who venture out into the Maine wilds.

The first video in their series, What to do in Maine?, follows their journey to southern end of the state and its spirited beach scene. Stay tuned for more!