The End of an Era

By Bowdoin Magazine

2,548: Total combined number of athletes coached by the three coaches

a coach's whistle

A coach’s impact is measured in individual relationships, not in statistics—especially for the generations of Bowdoin athletes coached by Tim Gilbride, Lynn Ruddy, and Peter Slovenski, all of whom announced their retirement this spring. But these coaches, among the last of those hired by the legendary Sid Watson, have become legends in their own rights, and their impressive numbers are worth noting, even as they tell just part of their long and successful stories.

photo of Tim Gilbride

Tim Gilbride, head men’s basketball coach, assistant men’s soccer coach, and assistant director of athletics for coach development:

  • 36: years at Bowdoin (1985)
  • 494: men’s basketball wins
  • 598: total victories (men’s basketball and men’s soccer), the most wins of any coach in Bowdoin’s history 
photo of Lynn Ruddy

Lynn Ruddy, associate director of athletics for facilities and assistant coach of track and field:

  • 45: years at Bowdoin (1976). The second full-time female coach hired at Bowdoin and currently the longest tenured member of the athletic department.
  • 212: wins as head volleyball coach. First coach in program history (1986–2000).
  • 8: number of Bowdoin programs coached (women’s and men’s indoor and outdoor track and field, women and men’s swimming and diving, softball, volleyball)
photo of Lynn Ruddy

Peter Slovenski, director of track and field and head coach of men’s and women’s cross country

  • 34: years at Bowdoin (1987)
  • 102: consecutive seasons (fall, winter, and spring) coached since fall 1987
  • 7: NESCAC Championships won
  • 129: All-Americans and five NCAA Champions coached

Bowdoin Magazine, Spring/Summer 2021


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