Honoring Those Who Have Given Generously of Themselves During Trying Times

Published by Rebecca Goldfine
The McKeen Center for the Common Good recently held its annual ceremony in a tent on the Quad to celebrate individuals who have reached well beyond themselves to help others in the community.

A professor, a staff member, several community members, and ten students were honored for the different ways they have lifted up those around them in a year that has been difficult for many.

In his welcoming remarks, President Clayton Rose evoked Joseph McKeen, Bowdoin's first president, who uttered the words that have come to define the College: "It ought always to be remembered, that literary institutions are founded and endowed for the common good, and not for the private advantage of those who resort to them for education.”

Despite the challenges of the past year, or perhaps in response to them, Rose said Bowdoin has seen the best of its community members. "This year has been a remarkable challenge to live up to McKeen's aspiration, given all the hardships and tragedies that have befallen so many. But it has also been unbelievable to see how so many people, from so many walks of life, have lived up to that idea and stepped up and delivered well beyond the self to help so many others, in so many ways." 

The McKeen Center’s annual Award Ceremony honors students, staff, and faculty who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to service, leadership, and the common good.
The McKeen Center honored the following students, staff, and faculty for demonstrating exceptional commitment to service, leadership, and the common good.

McKeen Center staff members Sarah Seames, Sarah Chingos, Tom Ancona, and Andrew Lardie presented the awards. Photos by Michele Stapleton.

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