Published October 19, 2020 by Bowdoin News

Virtual Group Offerings for Polar Bears Near and Far

Being online is a lot different than feeling connected. These virtual groups and activities are creating ways for students to connect over shared experiences, new languages, and meaningful conversations.

The fall semester of 2020 has seen a lot of adaptation. Faculty members have shifted and rebuilt their courses, dining services has redesigned safe ways to eat together on campus, and previously mundane tasks—like grabbing coffee to go—now have very specific protocols. 

Bowdoin students undertaking their coursework remotely may be feeling the most seismic shifts away from the norm. A majority of sophomores, juniors, and seniors are living and studying off campus; many are back at home with their families, some are suddenly living alone, and some are living in groups all across the country. In the spirit of fostering connection, promoting mental health and wellness, and striving for balance, many groups are offering meetings, sessions, and events online. 

Browse the list below to see what opportunities are being offered in Zoom windows all over the world. Links go to the CampusGroups page, which will require a Bowdoin login.

Drop-in Sessions

These weekly sessions serve as "office hours" for several offices and groups across campus.

Dating and Relating

In this casual, non-therapeutic discussion, students can chat about their experiences, perspectives, and questions related to sex & sexuality, dating, friendships, and relationships. Topics may include: meeting new people, sustaining relationships, trust & intimacy, boundaries, healthy communication, breaking up, hook-up culture vs casual sex, toxic relationships, power & agency, and myths & fantasies around romance & love.

BIPOC Meditation Group

As the nation and the world are grappling with the traumatic effects of systemic racism and police brutality that persist to this day, Counseling Services would like to help foster a space of safety, awareness, community, and healing. 

Mesa de Español

Join the virtual Spanish table weekly over the Wednesday lunch hour to meet new people and practice your skills.

Multiracial Student Union

Our dinner discussions are back! Whether you're new or returning, grab a snack and join us for our Multiracial Student Union meeting every 2 weeks, where we'll hang out, talk race & identity, and discuss any other events we want to host.

Virtual Quinner

Out, coming out, want to hang out? Join the Sexuality, Women, and Gender Center on Zoom! BYO dinner (or whatever time zone meal you're in) and come together with students of all (a)genders and (a)sexualities.

Meditation Lab

Drop in to this Sunday evening meditation lab to explore & experiment with different practices to promote centering, mind/body awareness, quieting, slowing down, stress release & renewal together. Open to all Bowdoin students & no experience necessary!

Study Skills and Habits

The Baldwin Center for Teaching and Learning offers topics to help get and stay organized, many of which are hosted by peer leaders.

Remote Learning: Tech Hacks

Are you confused with all the technologies involved with remote learning right now? Feeling like you can’t find the assignments or worksheets you need? Is there a better way to organize my calendar and to-do list?

Remote Learning: Tips and Strategies

Online learning certainly poses challenges to students, but with tips & strategies shared and discussed in this group, we can face and possibly overcome those difficulties. We will be creating habits that can reduce our stress, increase our learning and contribute to a fulfilling semester.

STEM Study Strategies

Do your professors sometimes sound like they are speaking a foreign language on 2x speed? Formulas slowly haunting you in your dreams? Feel unprepared for exams? Doing everything and still struggling? We've all been there! Stop by this group alone or with friends to learn about new study strategies, time management skills, or to meet new study partners.

Managing ADHD

The manifestation and management of ADHD looks different on everyone. Certain strategies that work for one student with ADHD may be extremely counterproductive for another. During these meetings, we will work to get organized, get creative, and get moving on ways for each participant to best manage their time this semester.

Overcoming Procrastination

Learn about why we procrastinate. Gain skills for staying organized, noticing and managing perfectionism, and breaking down work and goals. Benefit from peer support!

Student at laptopSpecial Sessions and Events

The groups below each offer a rotating schedule of unique events, including guest speakers, meet-and-greets, civic engagement opportunities, career exploration, and learning your way around the library.

Check out their CampusGroups schedules to see what's coming up this week.