Published June 05, 2020 by Tom Porter

Artist in Residence Composes Musical Tribute to Bowdoin

“What began as a late-night piano improv turned into a cathartic and hopeful musical reflection on our alma mater,” says Beckwith Artist in Residence George Lopez.

Lopez titled the piece “Rise Up Bowdoin,” and there are clear musical references to the College alma mater, “Raise Songs to Bowdoin.” Lopez’s composition has been set to pictures in this video, a photomontage of images reflecting different aspects of the Bowdoin experience.

“It’s dedicated to the students of Bowdoin College and its extended family community with the hope of being together again. My vision was a journey from where we were after spring break—empty classrooms, empty fields, empty hallways—to coming together again. Be hopeful as you watch the campus slowly come back to life in this beautifully rendered video. At one point,” says Lopez, “you can hear a heartbeat in the music represented by a repeated note as we fill the fields, hallways, and classrooms with life again."