Submissions to Yearly Student Art Show Double

Published by Rebecca Goldfine
Submissions to the annual Delta Sigma/Delta Upsilon Annual Student Art Show jumped this year, from forty-seven to ninety-four original, diverse, thought-provoking, timely, and often beautiful pieces.
  • Don't Coach Me
  • Uneasy
  • Still alive
  • Popham at dusk
  • Damini Singh
  • Damini Singh
  • Long Exposures of Brunswick
  • Alive

Last year, the show received forty-six works submitted by thirty artists. For the 2020 show, fifty-five artists submitted a total of ninety-four artworks (some of which were series).

Former Bowdoin fraternity Delta Sigma/Delta Upsilon has supported a juried art competition for students for twenty-one years, awarding prizes to artists who have produced exceptional work.

Normally at this time of year, art covers the walls of LaMarche Gallery and nearby areas in Smith Union in anticipation of the ceremony that reveals the winners. Instead, Miriam Fraga ’18, assistant director of student activities, is showcasing all the submission in an online gallery, wanting to give each piece a chance to be seen by the public.

The three judges: Mariah Reading, Samara Namara, and Sarah Haimes
The three judges: Mariah Reading ’16, Sophia Namara ’16, and Sarah Haimes ’15.

Fraga marveled both at the quality of work and the increase in submissions. "Students are at home; they have a lot of time to focus on their art," she said. "It's terrible circumstances, but it's awesome we can have such a great art show come together, in spite of all this darkness."

The three judges of this year's art show—Sophia Namara ’16, Mariah Reading ’16, and Sarah Haimes ’15—sent out a joint statement after choosing their finalists and honorable mentions.

"While we were students, we looked forward to attending and participating in the competition every year," they wrote. "The DSDU Art Competition is a wonderful opportunity for valuable professional development and allows students to share their creative voices. During this time, we are delighted to provide a way for students to connect with each other and the greater Bowdoin community online. We were impressed with the strength of the work overall and inspired by the strong recurring themes exploring representation and self-declaration through a variety of mediums, subject matter, and artist statements." 

Additional winners and honorable mentions were selected by Delta Sigma/Delta Upsilon alumni Liza Moore '81 and Peter Simmons ’78. 

The top artists each receive a prize of $100.

See all of this year's submissions. 

Winners and Honorable Mentions, from the 2020 Delta Sigma/Delta Upsilon 21st Annual Student Art Show


Judges' Winners

  • Home, by Calla Chan ’21
  • Sugar, by Aadhya Ramineni ’23
  • Untitled, by Amie Sillah ’20
  • Sun cast, by Marie Bergsund ’20
  • Metro Waltz, by Devon Garcia ’21

Delta Sigma/Delta Upsilon Winners

  • S E R E N I T Y, by Nelson Andrade ’20
  • A self-portrait with light, by Marie Bergsund ’21

Judges' Honorable Mentions

  • Penguins in Love by Clara Benadon ’23
  • Chile Despertó, December 2019 by Emma Jacobs ’21
  • Tarik, by Ava Jackson ’20
  • The Hockey Player, by Michelle Behshid ’22
  • Morning Routines off Kingsway, by Lily Poppen ’22
  • Georgetown Waterfront, by Owen Wolfson ’22
  • Psychological Skin, by David Leen ’20

Delta Sigma/Delta Upsilon Honorable Mentions

  • 霓川, by Peter Zhang ’23
  • Untitled, by Madeleine Squibb ’20
  • Fascinations about ‘Murica: Noon, by Peter Zhang ’23
  • Florentine Portraits, by Acadia Mezzofanti ’20
  • Praying Mantis Portrait in Limited Light, by Shane Araujo ’23
  • Untitled Infant No. 1, by David Leen ’20
  • Storm at Simpson's Point, by Caroline Dranow ’20
  • The Straw Hat, by Bradford Dudley ’23
  • I am Chicana, by Megan Retana ’20