Published December 07, 2018 by Rebecca Goldfine

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things (Classes, Actually)

The last day of classes was December 7. We approached a few students studying in Smith Union to ask them to mull over which of their fall courses (each student takes at least four a semester) they have most enjoyed.

The students' answers ended up covering the breadth of the liberal arts—from English literature to neurobiology, development economics to Japanese.

Diego Rodriguez ’20, ITAL 1101: Elementary Italian. Major: neuroscience

Diego Rodriguez ’20

Favorite class: ITAL 1101 Elementary Italian
Major: neuroscience

"I really liked Italian 101 [with professor Anna Rein] because she is very engaging...and it was very interactive. And I enjoy learning new languages, too, which can set you off for the world out there."

Sam Lepez Da Silva Duarte ’19

Sam Lepez Da Silva Duarte ’19

Favorite class: GOV 2690: Islam and Politics
Major: neuroscience, government and legal studies

"That was an incredible class because the topic is so relevant today and we have a lot of misunderstanding about Islam in the West."

Brandon Cartagena ’21

Brandon Cartagena ’21

Favorite class: CHEM 2250: Organic Chemistry
Major: neuroscience

"I'm a science major and it was particularly challenging. I've always liked chemistry and it definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone."

Thank you to the students who agreed to be interviewed: Mikayla Kifer ’19, Diego Rodriguez ’20, Summers Askew ’20, Ariel Gonzales ’21, Brandon Lee ’21, Richard Araujo ’21, Brandon Cartagena ’21, and Sam Lepez Da Silva Duarte ’19.

Note, the classroom photos included in the video do not always depict the particular classes students mention.