Published November 13, 2018 by Tom Porter

Capturing the Essence of Chekhov

Bowdoin student actors recently tackled one of Russian theater’s most outstanding plays. Under the direction of Associate Professor of Theater Abigail Killeen, they staged several performances of Anton Chekov’s Three Sisters over the weekend.

Set in a small Russian town at the beginning of the twentieth century, the story follows the lives and loves of a group of people, including three sisters, who long for the excitement of Moscow. As they deal with the everyday challenges of provincial life, the play ends up posing some of life’s bigger questions: Why are we here? What is the meaning of life?

The performance was a recent adaptation of the play by acclaimed theater director and Chekhov devotee Libby Appel. Bowdoin College writer and multimedia producer Tom Porter dropped by at a rehearsal and talked to Professor Killeen.