Published October 31, 2018 by Rebecca Goldfine

30 Brief Days With a Reunited Bill De La Rosa ’16 and Family

A new NPR Latino USA podcast describes the month that Gloria De La Rosa was able to spend with her family, to say goodbye to her dying husband and care for her children.
Bill De La Rosa at his Bowdoin graduation
Bill De La Rosa at his Bowdoin graduation in 2016

Gloria, the mother of Bowdoin graduate Bill De La Rosa ’16, had been separated from the family for years, unable to re-enter the USA because of her immigration status. But after Bill organized a campaign "asking for a sliver of compassion," she was recently granted a temporary permit to support her family during difficult personal times.

“We take a look at those thirty days, a bittersweet reunion after being separated by immigration law for nine years,” the podcast producer writes. “A family brought together by tragedy, only to go back to living parallel lives.”

Bill De La Rosa, who has a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin in sociology and Latin American studies, is a Marshall Scholar at the University of Oxford, where he has earned a master’s degree in Migration Studies and is pursuing a second master’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice.