Published May 18, 2011

Bowdoin Trustees Honor Four Retiring Faculty Members

(L. to r.) Helen Cafferty, John Turner, David Vail, June Vail.
(L. to r.) Helen Cafferty, John Turner, David Vail, June Vail.

Four Bowdoin faculty members were elected to emeritus status during the May 12-14, 2011, meeting of the Bowdoin College Board of Trustees. Helen Cafferty was elected William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of German and the Humanities Emerita; John Turner was elected Professor of Romance Languages Emeritus; David Vail was elected Adams-Catlin Professor of Economics Emeritus; and June A. Vail was elected Professor of Dance Emerita.

3 thoughts on “Bowdoin Trustees Honor Four Retiring Faculty Members”
Eric Weis '73

Professor Vail has retired. Wow. He left an INDELIBLE imprint on many of us “Ec” majors in the 70s. His illuminating courses on East Africa and developing economies prepared many of us for jobs involving international trade and finance. It also funny how so many of us have beards just like him these days! That distinguished look of gray adds to our cachet. Congratulations on retirement!

M. Terry Green '80

What a long strange trip it been for David Vail! After I swore I wouldn’t be an economics major he let me take his development in Less Developed Countries – as we called it then — course after I spent rush taking the Macro & Micro final. It was a real eye opener & I was rather intimidated by the upper classmen. He was a great teacher and very committed developing countries and that enthusiasm spread to many of his students me included. Congratulations on a wonderful career & I hope you enjoy your retirement. Keep thinking and don’t let Maine get all of your expertise.

Al DeMoya, '72

Wow, Emeritus! I remember John Turner’s first years at Bowdoin, when I offered my services as a Teaching Fellow in Spanish 1971-1972 (being a native speaker) and he accepted me.