Calling all Bowdoin Alums and Polar Bear Families—
The Class of 2020 Needs You!

The Class of 2020 faces historic challenges on the job front. Because of the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market that this graduating class is entering is the toughest in our lifetimes. Instead of having the usual options from which to choose, they are facing uncertainty about the future of many industries, companies with hiring freezes, significantly fewer job opportunities overall, six-to-nine-month delays in start dates, and even withdrawals of previous job offers.

Bowdoin helped many of us get our first jobs, so we know that the Bowdoin network is mighty. And we need that mighty network now! You have given Bowdoin and our students your support always, and we are so grateful for that. More than ever, we need your help today in finding and creating full-time jobs and internships. Thank you for being there, however you can, for the Class of 2020.

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Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to job opportunities, we are looking for Bowdoin alumni, friends, and family who can serve as a networking contacts. This survey will help us connect you with students.