Job Postings

Date: April 2007

Policy: In its employment and admissions practices, Bowdoin College conforms with all applicable federal and state statutes and regulations. It does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, creed, ancestry, national and ethnic origin, physical or mental disability.

All regular, benefits eligible staff positions will be listed in the Weekly Notice of Position Vacancies (Job Posting), which is posted in Human Resources and online at

All positions will be posted for at least five (5) business days. Advertisements may be placed in outside publications concurrently with the internal position posting. The decision to advertise a position outside of the College is made by the department manager responsible for the hiring in consultation with Human Resources, and in conformance with the College’s Affirmative Action Plan. In filling positions, the College may consider both internal and outside candidates, and will select the candidate it believes is best suited for the position. Staff members interested in professional development opportunities may make an appointment to discuss their future career goals with a member of the Human Resources staff.

 Internal Job Postings

Policy: Hiring managers have the option to post a position as an Internal Job Posting and thus it would be “Open to Current Bowdoin Employees Only”. This allows both employees and the College to benefit from the experience and knowledge of current employees, while encouraging development of full employee potential. Hiring managers must consult with, and seek approval from Human Resources, and the appropriate department head to determine if this recruiting option will be utilized. Internal job postings are appropriate when:

·There is reasonable belief that there are one or more qualified candidates already employed at the College.
·“Qualified” means meeting the minimum qualifications as listed in the written job description.
·When the internal candidate(s) had been selected for original hire on a competitive basis (i.e., advertised externally).
·When the position is below the senior staff level.
·When an internal reorganization would result in promotion of a current employee, with or without a resulting vacancy.

The Job Posting can be found at: