Disciplinary Action

Date: January 2007

Philosophy and Purpose: Like many other places where a large number of people work, Bowdoin College requires that basic standards of conduct be followed to protect the rights of everyone and to ensure that we meet our service obligations to students, staff, faculty and the public. Any discipline that is imposed is intended to correct or modify an individual's conduct, to deter such conduct on the part of others, and to protect the rights of the College and everyone working or associated with the College.

Policy: Any act or failure to act which interferes with the rights or interests of the College, its employees or students will subject the offender to disciplinary action. Discipline may take the form of verbal or written warnings, suspension with or without pay, or immediate termination of employment. All disciplinary action will be determined based on the seriousness and frequency of the offense, the employee's past record and the circumstances of the case. Disciplinary actions including written warnings, suspensions, and terminations must first be reviewed by Human Resources. Because of the individual nature of each situation, the College reserves the right to impose such discipline as it deems appropriate under the circumstances.

Employees who have a written warning or reprimand on file within the most recent 6-month period of time are not eligible to apply for other posted positions.