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Human Resources

Bowdoin Staff Assistance Fund / Paller Fund

Date:  October 2013

Policy:  Employees who are suffering extreme financial hardship may be eligible to apply for emergency funds (generally up to $600) from the Bowdoin Staff Assistance/Paller Funds. Proof of financial hardship must be substantiated (e.g., submission of eviction notice, foreclosure notice, utility shut off notices, extraordinary hospital bills, etc.). Employees may apply for funds by writing a letter or email to the Director of Human Resources outlining their specific need, including proof of financial hardship, and indicating the name and address of the business and account number to be paid. The funds cannot be paid directly to the employee or be used for the payment of taxes. These are one time awards.

Employees may donate money to the Bowdoin Staff Assistance Fund via ongoing payroll deduction or single cash/check donation by completing the Bowdoin Staff Assistance Fund contribution form and submitting it to Human Resources.