Founding Principles 

American Governance in Action
“Founding Principles” is an educational video series that provides an introductory, non-partisan overview and basic understanding of American government.

How is American government defined? What are its origins? Who comprises the government and whom does it serve? How does it work both in theory and in practice? Addressing the key tenets of American government, "Founding Principles" answers these questions and more.

Narrated by Bowdoin College Government Professor Andrew Rudalevige, the series provides an introductory overview and basic understanding to American government, but one that is crucial to building citizen-leaders, promoting civic engagement, and working toward the common good.

Bowdoin College is pleased to offer "Founding Principles" as an instructive tool readily available and appropriate for a wide assortment of audiences.

Senator George Mitchell ’54 speaks about the importance of our founding principles.

Founding Principles Video Series

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