Supplier Diversity

Bowdoin is committed to addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This work extends to the suppliers with whom the College chooses to do business.

Bowdoin encourages faculty and staff to use the resources identified on this page to find diverse vendors capable of supplying goods and services. 

Which ownership classifications qualify as a diverse supplier? 

Any business whose majority owner and operator (one or more individuals, in one or more of the following categories), own and operate 51% or more of that business.

  • Women-owned businesses (WBE)
  • Minority-owned businesses (MBE)
  • Veteran-owned businesses
  • LGBTQ-owned businesses
  • Businesses owned by individuals with a disability

Why is it important for me to search for a diverse supplier?

Bowdoin wants to offer new opportunities to a diverse population of suppliers while at the same time expanding its vendor pool. An expanded vendor pool will lead to reduced costs and improved outcomes for the College. 

What challenges might I face when searching for a diverse supplier?

  • Difficulty in identifying which vendors qualify as a diverse supplier.
  • You may need to schedule your project at a time when you did not anticipate the work could be done. Think creatively to accommodate both the College's schedule and the vendor's schedule.
What resources do I have to locate diverse vendors?
  • Consider using the links on this page to identify vendors who may be able to provide the goods/services you need.
  • Ask colleagues at other colleges and area businesses if they have diverse vendors who work for them, and if so, ask for the vendor's contact information.
  • Speak with your manager or call the Procurement and Risk Manager for advice on how to find new vendors.
  • The college belongs to the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) which offers an eMarketplace. While this resource will not be available to each buyer individually, certain individuals will be given access to search for diverse suppliers.
To learn more about Bowdoin's diversity and inclusion efforts:

Office of Inclusion and Diversity

The College wishes to expand its vendor base to include diverse vendors and extend opportunities to diverse individuals and enterprises. Identifying and using diverse vendors is an important step you can take. Bowdoin has thousands of business opportunities each year. We can make a difference, one decision at a time, by being mindful and deliberate regarding vendor selection.