Xiaoke Jia

Chinese Language Lecturer

Teaching this semester

CHIN 1104. Advanced Elementary Chinese II

A continuation of Chinese 1103. Five hours of class per week. An all-around upgrade of communicative skills with an emphasis on accuracy and fluency. Covers more than 1,000 Chinese characters together with Chinese 1103. Propels those with sufficient competence directly to Advanced-Intermediate Chinese [2205 and 2206] after a year of intensive training while prepares others to move up to intermediate (second-year) Chinese language course. Followed by Chinese 2203 or 2205 with instructor’s approval.

CHIN 2204. Intermediate Chinese II

A continuation of Chinese 2203. Five hours of class per week. Further develops students’ communicative competence and strives to achieve a balance between the receptive and productive skills. Students learn another 400 characters; read longer, more complex texts; and write short compositions with increasing discourse cohesion. Followed by Chinese 2205.


Princeton University,  Princeton, NJ  09/2010-06/2013  
Lecturer in Chinese Language 

Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME 09/2008- 06/2010  
Lecturer in Chinese Language

Princeton in Beijing Summer Program (2010, 2012)  
Head instructor for fourth-year students and teachers

University of California Education Abroad Program     Beijing, China  06/2006-08/2006
Instructor for elementary Chinese        

College of Chinese Language and Culture at Beijing Normal University  09/2006-01/2008
Instructor for second -year Chinese


  • Beijing Normal University; Beijing, China
  • M.A. in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language),