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Stephen G. Naculich

LaCasce Family Professor of Natural Sciences

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Physics And Astronomy

Searles Science Building - 305

Teaching this semester

PHYS 2140. Quantum Physics and Relativity

An introduction to two cornerstones of twentieth-century physics, quantum mechanics, and special relativity. The introduction to wave mechanics includes solutions to the time-independent Schrödinger equation in one and three dimensions with applications. Topics in relativity include the Galilean and Einsteinian principles of relativity, the “paradoxes” of special relativity, Lorentz transformations, space-time invariants, and the relativistic dynamics of particles. Not open to students who have credit for or are concurrently taking Physics 3140 or 3500.

PHYS 3120. Advanced Mechanics

A thorough review of particle dynamics, followed by the development of Lagrange’s and Hamilton’s equations and their applications to rigid body motion and the oscillations of coupled systems.

Teaching next semester

PHYS 3000. Methods of Theoretical Physics

Mathematics is the language of physics. Similar mathematical techniques occur in different areas of physics. A physical situation may first be expressed in mathematical terms, usually in the form of a differential or integral equation. After the formal mathematical solution is obtained, the physical conditions determine the physically viable result. Examples are drawn from heat flow, gravitational fields, and electrostatic fields.

PHYS 3140. Quantum Mechanics

A mathematically rigorous development of quantum mechanics, emphasizing the vector space structure of the theory through the use of Dirac bracket notation. Linear algebra developed as needed.

Stephen Naculich


  • PhD, Princeton University, 1988.
  • MA, Princeton University, 1985.
  • BS, Case Western Reserve University, 1983.

Research Interests

  • Elementary particle theory and string theory

Bowdoin College, Professor, 2005-present.
Bowdoin College, Associate Professor, 1999-2005.
Bowdoin College, Assistant Professor, 1993-99.

Research Appointments

Harvard University, Visiting Scholar, 1996-97.
Johns Hopkins University, Postdoc, 1990-93.
Brandeis University, Postdoc, 1988-90.

Natalie, Nicholas, Ned, and Dad (summer 2005).

Natalie, Nicholas, and Dad at Waldameer (summer 2005).

Natalie, Nicholas, and Dad on the Bowdoin quad (circa 1998).

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