Location: Bowdoin / Craft Center / Studio

Craft Center

Pottery Studio

Occupying the bottom floor of the Craft Center is the Pottery Studio. Equipped with a variety of equipment, the space provides a wealth of resources for beginning and advanced users alike. Open to all members of the craft center are:

2 Shimpo electric pottery wheels and 3 Brent electric pottery wheels2 Shimpo electric pottery wheels and 3 Brent electric pottery wheels Northstar slab roller 1 Northstar slab roller A variety of toolsA variety of tools

Clay used in the craft center completes an entire life cycle with very little lost in the process. The life cycle of clay:

New Clay
Clay starts as it comes from the manufacturer
Pug Mill
The slip is processed by the Shimpo pug mill
Slip Buckets
Any slip left over from use is gathered in buckets
Recycled Clay
The recycled clay is ready for future potters to enjoy


There is other equipment in the studio, though, which is only for use by the staff who manage the center. This primarily consists of:

A Shimpo pugmill
A Shimpo pugmill
Skutt electric kiln
A Skutt electric kiln

Fabric Studio

Occupying a portion of the space on the second floor is the fabric area, where students can do a variety of activities. With sewing machines and fabric remnants they can create their own clothes or design costumes for a theater project. The fabric room has the following equipment:

sewing machines
5 Viking sewing machines
Fabric remnants

Glass Studio

The glass studio encompasses both traditional stained glass work and glass fusing. Stained glass, using the copper foil technique, was invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Students have a wide variety of glass colors to use in their copperfoil work. A variety of art pieces have been made by students, including mirrors; suncatchers and glass boxes.

Glass fusing is done in the small Evenheat glass kiln that is housed in the pottery studio. In the fusing section we use only Bullseye 90 fusible glass. A wide variety of colors and textures are available as well as a brilliant variety of dichroic glass. Fusing students have made necklaces, tiles, earrings, bracelets, holiday ornaments, suncatchers among other creative items.