Messages from President Rose

Message to Bowdoin Faculty and Staff—January 19, 2021
I am writing today with good news: the compensation sacrifices that we asked of you at the start of the academic year will end this month.

Message to the Bowdoin Community—October 5, 2020
I am writing with more information on the spring semester, including a plan that should allow our seniors, juniors, and sophomores to be on campus for the second half of this unprecedented academic year. Please take the time to read this message carefully.

Message to the Bowdoin Community—September 16, 2020
As I write, there are no active cases of COVID-19 at Bowdoin. All three of the students who tested positive since arrival day on August 29—one of whom received a positive test before arriving on campus—are now out of isolation. Four other students who came into contact with the students who tested positive were placed in quarantine. Of these, one student has now been allowed to return to their residence hall. None of these students has tested positive for the virus.

Message to the Class of 2021—August 27, 2020
I hope that you and those that you love are safe and well in this very challenging time.  With the fall semester upon us, I cannot tell you how much your presence on campus will be missed by me, and by all of our faculty and staff.

Message to Faculty and Staff—August 25, 2020 
After so much planning and work, our students are beginning to arrive back on campus. Head residential life student staff arrived on Saturday and the rest of the student staff arrived today. The big day will be Saturday, when our first-year class will move in.

Message to Returning Students—August 20, 2020
Please take a few minutes to watch this short video, as all of us prepare to begin Bowdoin's 219th academic year. I hope that you and your families are safe and well in this challenging time.

Message to First-Year Students—August 20, 2020
I hope you will take a few minutes to watch this short video, which is also being shared with your parents and families. I could not be more excited that you have joined the Bowdoin community.

Message to the Bowdoin Community—August 6, 2020
I hope you and your families are safe and well, and that you have been able to take time to rest and recharge. With less than four weeks to go until the start of classes, I would like to update you on our planning and progress for the fall semester.

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–July 23, 2020
Today, I sent the following message to our incoming international students, roughly twenty of whom will now be unable to join their classmates on campus because of a US government rule that is ill-conceived and antithetical to the values and interests of this nation. This is an extremely disappointing outcome for all of us, and we will continue to oppose these policies and to support our international students during these difficult days.

Message to the Bowdoin Community–July 14, 2020
I write with good news, something in short supply these days. As you may have heard, earlier this afternoon the Trump administration rescinded its July 6 guidance (and related July 7 FAQ) that would have seriously endangered the ability of international students at colleges and universities across the country to pursue their educations... 

Message to the Bowdoin Community–July 13, 2020
Since the beginning of last week, when the US government announced guidance that could, if enacted, seriously harm the ability of international students to continue their educations, we have been working to support our students and to block these harmful policies. This is a brief note to bring you up to date at the start of what will likely be an important week in this battle...

Message to the Bowdoin Community–July 9, 2020
It has been two and a half weeks since I announced our plans for the fall semester and, since then, many other colleges and universities—including nearly all of our peer schools—have announced their own plans. I am writing today to review some key aspects of our plan as well as to provide some updates since our announcement...

Message to the Bowdoin Community–June 22, 2020
Bowdoin has been quiet and largely empty for several months. Since mid-March, when our students left, and students in our new first-year class left their high schools to finish the term at home, each of us has longed to have our campus full again and to return to some sense of “normal” in a world that is far from it.

Message to the Bowdoin Campus Community–June 7, 2020
I am writing to update you on where things stand for the fall and the work underway in that effort.

Message to the Bowdoin Community–May 15, 2020
Tomorrow is the last day of exams, bringing to a close a semester unlike any in the history of our College. I can almost hear a collective sigh of relief that we have made it to this point. It has been amazing to see how the Bowdoin community rallied together during these recent weeks to deal with the many issues that COVID-19 has brought—concerns about our families near and far, about their health, our own health and that of our friends, the emotional toll of the pandemic, and worries about finances and the future.

Message to the Bowdoin Community–April 30, 2020
Last week, I met with the members of the Division of Student Affairs for a Zoom “town hall.” On Monday I made my regular report at the (virtual) faculty meeting. And last night, I hosted another “town hall” with Dean Janet Lohmann that was “attended” by more than two-hundred students who asked really thoughtful questions.

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–April 22, 2020
Thankfully, to our knowledge, our campus remains free of COVID-19 infections, but as I noted last week, the pandemic has impacted the lives of students, alumni, and their families, and it continues to cause very real hardship and heartbreak across the country and around the world. In fact, we learned yesterday that the spouse of an alumnus died a week ago from complications of COVID-19.

Message to Faculty, Staff, and Students–April 21, 2020
It would be something of an understatement to say that we all look forward to the return of a normal campus life—having faculty and students all together in classrooms and our other teaching spaces, taking meals in Thorne and Moulton, seeing events and performances in Kresge and Pickard, watching games in Morrell, Watson, and on the playing fields, walking the Quad, and simply being with friends and colleagues to share a laugh or a tear. We will return to this education and way of life when it is safe, and I very much hope that it is sooner rather than later.

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–April 15, 2020
We remain thankful that there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among our campus community and, because of adherence to social distancing practices, the state has been spared the surge that was anticipated. And there continues to be news around the country and world suggesting that new cases may have peaked.

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–April 10, 2020
As I write, the snow flurries continue outside. That’s right—it’s nearly mid-April and Mother Nature remains firmly in charge, dropping about three inches of seriously heavy wet snow last night in Brunswick and up to twenty inches in other parts of the state. 

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–April 7, 2020
We began this week knowing the news around COVID-19 would get worse. Today, New York reported the deadliest day yet from the disease, while here in Maine, the number of confirmed cases climbed above 500. There are also, however, some hopeful signs, in particular that New York may have reached its peak.

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–April 3, 2020
I had hoped to be able to write to you today about how we will manage the variety of activities that normally fill the summer months here on campus, including summer jobs, fellowships, research, camps, events, conferences, and other activities. Unfortunately, we’re just not there yet.

Message to Faculty, Staff, and Students–April 2, 2020
I am writing to discuss two important issues that stem from the novel coronavirus pandemic—our financial situation and the prospects for a return to campus in the fall—and the work underway to address each issue. 

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–March 31, 2020
We learned today that a second member of our campus community has been tested and is presumed to have contracted COVID-19. It can take up to seven days to receive the test results. Our hope, of course, is that these results will be negative, just as they were for the first presumptive case I reported to you last Tuesday.

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–March 28, 2020
As a followup to Tuesday's message and yesterday's (below)...the member of our campus community who was presumed to have contracted COVID-19 found out today that their test came back negative. Some good news for a Saturday!

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–March 27, 2020
Fortunately, there is a limited amount to report today on the COVID-19 front at Bowdoin and in the area, although an increasing number of you are dealing with family and friends who are affected, and we all know from the news that there are very serious issues in many places.

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–March 24, 2020
Late this afternoon, we learned that a member of the campus community has been tested and is presumed to have contracted COVID-19. This individual, who is under a doctor’s care and is self-isolating at home, has not been on campus since last Tuesday, March 17. We are in touch with them to document their movements on campus prior to that date, and we will immediately notify anyone known to have been in contact with this person. I know you share my hope for a speedy recovery for our fellow Bowdoin community member.

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–March 20, 2020
The news continues to be difficult. We learned today of three Bowdoin students who were in contact during spring break with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19. This contact occurred outside of Maine, and none of the students has been on campus, in Brunswick, or in contact with anyone else from campus or town since their contact with the infected individual. 

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–March 17, 2020
This is the second of what will be twice-a-week messages from me, as we navigate this uncertain and rapidly changing terrain together.

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–March 13, 2020
This has been an extraordinary week, one—as I said in my note on Wednesday—that has brought us great sadness and uncertainty and significant challenge. Over the last few days, I have witnessed so many acts of kindness and selflessness.

Message to the Bowdoin Community–March 11, 2020
The resilience, kindness, and selflessness of our community have allowed us to rally through many difficult moments. This is another such moment—for Bowdoin, for the country, and for the world—one where we will again rely on these great strengths of character.

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff–March 4, 2020
I write to update you on developments and our planning and preparation related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Bowdoin is a special community where we take seriously our responsibilities to one another and to the broader world.