COVID-19 Important Update—February 4, 2022

To the Bowdoin community,

Our COVID-19 case counts continue to show low levels of infection on campus among students, faculty, and staff. As a result, we are relaxing some restrictions currently in place around masking and in-person dining. 

For now, the following mask guidelines are in effect:

Masks are NOT required:

  • outdoors;
  • in student residence halls;
  • in academic and administrative buildings, including work spaces in the library (masks ARE required in library service areas where students interact with staff, or at the request of librarians);
  • in Smith Union EXCEPT when interacting with staff (e.g. the Café, C-store, mail room, Jack Magee’s, bookstore, info desk); or 
  • in athletic facilities (including the Buck Fitness Center) during regular use (masks ARE required of spectators at indoor games).

Masks ARE still required:

  • in all classroom/lab spaces during scheduled classes;
  • in all health care facilities (e.g., the testing center, health services, and the counseling center);
  • in dining facilities while entering/getting food/leaving;
  • for spectators at all indoor athletic events*; 
  • at indoor events that are open to the public*;
  • in service areas where students interact with staff;
  • in College museums*; 
  • in individual offices when requested by the occupant; and 
  • at the request of faculty and staff when interactions are in close proximity.

* A Town of Brunswick ordinance requiring masks in public buildings remains in effect. This includes college facilities open to the public (e.g., museums, athletic venues, performance/lecture spaces).

We continue to be a mask-friendly campus. Anyone should feel comfortable wearing a mask and everyone should be respectful of these guidelines and compliance. It’s best practice to have a mask with you at all times, as there will be many situations each day where you are required or will be asked to wear a mask. 


Beginning on Monday (February 7) at breakfast, dining halls will be at 100 percent capacity for students. At this time, dining halls remain open to students only, though we hope to open these facilities to faculty and staff very soon.

As always, you can review the list of current campus guidelines on the Bowdoin website.

Mike Ranen