COVID-19 Important Update—September 15, 2021

To the Bowdoin community,

As a result of yesterday’s PCR testing we have identified zero new student cases of COVID-19. We have seen a low level of new positive cases over the last ten days. This speaks to the significant efforts everyone has made to keep the campus safe. We know that COVID-19 will be with us for some time and we will have to deal with the inevitable challenges that it will bring.

While it is likely that the indoor mask mandate, including in classrooms, will continue throughout the semester, given the improving conditions, the following changes to our campus status level yellow will go into effect on Friday:


  • Thorne and Moulton Union dining halls and Jack Magee’s Pub will begin to offer in-person dining at 50 percent capacity.
  • If there are available seats, you are welcome to eat inside. If the dining hall or Magee’s is full, please take your food to go.
  • To maximize opportunities for others to dine in person, we ask that you continue your conversations elsewhere once you have finished eating.
  • If you take your food to go, please remember to use the dumpsters around campus to dispose of your trash.

Residence Halls 

  • We will continue to ask everyone to wear a mask indoors unless they are in their own private space.
  • We will permit small gatherings in private and public spaces in the residence halls.  Please note that you will need to remain masked for these gatherings.
The Office of Residential Life is still NOT registering large events until October 1, at the earliest. 
For now, we will remain in campus status yellow with these modifications and will review the impact of loosening these restrictions. We ask that all members of the community continue to observe health and safety precautions, including face coverings, testing, and self-monitoring for symptoms. We’re all in this together.
Mike Ranen