COVID-19 Update—August 31, 2021

To the Bowdoin community,

Two students have tested positive for COVID-19 over the past days. A student who arrived on campus Sunday tested positive for COVID-19 using both a rapid antigen test and a confirmatory PCR test. Another student initially tested negative upon arrival on Sunday but then felt ill on Monday and asked for a COVID-19 test. This second student tested positive on both the rapid antigen tests as well as a confirmatory PCR test. Both students are exhibiting mild symptoms and have been moved to our isolation housing where they are receiving food and care. We have now welcomed over 1,800 students back to campus, with the remainder arriving today. All first-year students underwent their first PCR test on Saturday with no positive results to report, and no positives in their first two rounds of antigen tests. Our upperclass students are taking antigen tests upon arrival and will undergo PCR tests Thursday or Friday. Thus far, we have seen no positive arrival antigen results other than the two students noted above. We will reintroduce the COVID-19 dashboard next week with complete PCR results. Please continue to monitor for symptoms and report them, even if they are mild. Students with even minor symptoms should remain in place, use a face covering, and immediately contact Health Services at 207-725-3770 to coordinate a rapid antigen test. Faculty and staff with even mild symptoms are asked to stay home and take a rapid antigen test before being cleared by human resources to return to campus


Mike Ranen   
COVID-19 Resource Coordinator