COVID-19 Update—August 23, 2021

To the Bowdoin community,

Over the weekend two students on campus tested positive for COVID-19. The fully vaccinated students both experienced mild symptoms and, as we have requested in these situations, they asked for a COVID-19 test. They are both in isolation and are receiving check ins, delivered food, and telehealth appointments.

The students tested positive on both a rapid antigen test and a confirmatory PCR test and, through contact tracing, we determined that all close contacts are fully vaccinated. Current CDC guidance for vaccinated individuals who are exposed to COVID-19 is that they must wear a face covering and test again between three and five days after exposure. 

We are grateful to our students who did the right thing in reporting mild symptoms and asking for a test. Anyone with even mild cold or allergy symptoms is asked to stay in place, wear a face covering, and request a COVID-19 test.


Mike Ranen
COVID-19 Resource Coordinator