Fall 2021 Messages

COVID-19 Important Update—September 23, 2021 (Ranen)
Tuesday’s PCR testing has identified one new student case of COVID-19. This student is currently in isolation and being cared for by our isolation care team. Close contacts have been notified and are following the close contact protocol for students or employees. Also included is information about the move to campus status level green as of Friday, September 24. 

COVID-19 Update—September 21, 2021 (Ranen)
Yesterday, two members of the College staff tested positive for COVID-19. One staff member tested positive through our Broad PCR test program while the other tested positive using an off-campus test. Both staff members are exhibiting minor symptoms and are currently isolating at home. It is very important to monitor symptoms—even if they are minor—and to follow our protocols for staff and students, including testing for ourselves and for the entire community. 

Reminder: Missed COVID-19 Test Policy Effective Tomorrow (Monday)—September 19, 2021
A timely reminder that starting tomorrow (Monday), and per Dean Odejimi’s message from last week, our new COVID-19 testing policy goes into effect.

COVID-19 Adjustments—September 17, 2021 (Rose)
As indicated in Mike Ranen’s message on Wednesday, our progress in controlling the spread of COVID-19 on campus has allowed us to ease some of the temporary restrictions put in place on September 2.

Missed COVID Test Policy—September 16, 2021 (Odejimi)
I am writing to notify you of updates to Bowdoin's policy regarding missed COVID-19 tests. This email is time-sensitive and important, so please read it. 

COVID-19 Important Update—September 15, 2021 (Ranen)
As a result of yesterday’s PCR testing we have identified zero new student cases of COVID-19. We have seen a low level of new positive cases over the last ten days. This speaks to the significant efforts everyone has made to keep the campus safe. We know that COVID-19 will be with us for some time and we will have to deal with the inevitable challenges that it will bring.

COVID-19 Update—September 14, 2021 (Ranen)
Since my last community message on Sunday, we have learned of two additional students who tested positive via a rapid antigen test. Both students were in our close contact protocol. They were taking daily antigen tests in addition to wearing masks at all times other than in their private bedroom. They are currently in isolation. There were no positive cases as a result of yesterday’s PCR testing. As mentioned on Sunday, any changes to campus restrictions will be announced tomorrow after we receive the results of today’s PCR testing.

COVID-19 Update—September 12, 2021 (Ranen)
Friday’s PCR testing resulted in one new student testing positive for COVID-19. They are in isolation and supported by our isolation case management team. Thank you for your continued commitment to wearing masks, testing, and other appropriate health and safety measures. Our COVID-19 dashboard shows fifteen active student cases and includes a new chart of day-to-day changes. The College will consider our COVID-19 restrictions after the next round of PCR testing.

COVID-19 Update—September 10, 2021 (Ranen)
As a result of yesterday’s PCR testing, one new student has tested positive for COVID-19. They are in isolation and supported by our isolation case management team.  Thank you for your continued commitment to wearing masks, testing, and other appropriate health and safety measures. Yesterday we tested 1115 students, faculty, and staff, and today we tested 861 students.  Next week we will start testing faculty and staff on campus once a week.  This increased testing has allowed us to isolate positive individuals earlier which has substantially slowed down our rates of transmission. 

(Update - Please Read) Controlling COVID on Campus—September 9, 2021 (Lohmann)
As you are all aware, COVID has made its presence felt at Bowdoin in the past week. At last count, thirty-four students are isolating, both in our hotel facility in Freeport and at home. Despite our fully vaccinated status, the virus has shown clear evidence of spread through close contacts, leading us to review and reevaluate the ways in which we are managing COVID on campus.

Important Change to Fall 2021 COVID-19 Testing Protocol—September 9, 2021 (Spoerri)
In light of the increased number of cases currently on campus we are asking all faculty and staff working on campus to PCR test once a week, starting the week of Monday, September 13. We believe that this increased testing of faculty and staff along with twice weekly testing of students will allow us to isolate cases even faster, reducing transmission and helping get back to status level green. The weekly box of two BinaxNow self-tests will continue to be available to faculty and staff.

COVID-19 Update—September 8, 2021 (Ranen)
As a result of yesterday’s PCR testing, three new students have tested positive for COVID-19. They are in isolation and supported by our terrific isolation case management team.  Thank you for your continued commitment to wearing masks, testing, and other appropriate health and safety measures.

COVID-19 Update—September 7, 2021 (Ranen)
As a result of yesterday’s PCR testing, four new students have tested positive for COVID-19. They are all close contacts of other students who previously tested positive and they are all in isolation. Thank you for your continued commitment to wearing masks, testing, and other appropriate health and safety measures.

COVID-19 Update—September 6, 2021 (Ranen)
One student tested positive for COVID-19 today using a rapid antigen test. They had already been in our close contact protocol, and this was part of the routine antigen testing all close contacts are asked to do. The student is asymptomatic and currently in isolation. As a reminder, all students are taking a PCR test today and tomorrow.

COVID-19 Update—September 5, 2021 (Rose and Ranen)
To the campus community, Mike Ranen’s update from the weekend is appended below. In addition, I want to share a few thoughts with you.

COVID-19 Update—September 3, 2021 (Ranen)
Since I wrote last, six additional students have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of students testing positive since Monday to twenty-one. All are in isolation and being cared for. In addition, one staff member tested positive today using a College-supplied antigen test.

COVID-19 Important Update—September 2, 2021 (Ranen)
As of this morning, nine additional students have tested positive for COVID-19, all but two of whom were linked to one of the positive cases that was reported on Monday. Over the past two days, fourteen students have tested positive. Through contact tracing, we have identified at least forty-six students who are close contacts of those infected and may identify more. All close contacts will be tested daily over the next several days, and we should expect that the number of infected students may rise. As an added precaution, we are also testing all students who reside in close proximity to where the infected students live.

Top Ten Tips to Dodge Delta and Make the Most out of This Year—August 31, 2021 (Lohmann)
You made it! Every one of you navigated the past eighteen months—both the heart-wrenching challenges and the hidden opportunities, some unique and others shared—and now, here you are: ready to begin your first, second, third, or fourth year at Bowdoin.

Bowdoin's 220th Academic Year—September 1, 2021 (Rose)
Today, classes begin. I cannot fully express to you how great it feels to have everyone back on campus. Yesterday, at Convocation, I shared with our first-year and transfer students, and with the faculty and staff in attendance, thoughts on the idea of “the best four years of your life.”

COVID-19 Update—August 31, 2021 (Ranen)
Two students have tested positive for COVID-19 over the past days. A student who arrived on campus Sunday tested positive for COVID-19 using both a rapid antigen test and a confirmatory PCR test. Another student initially tested negative upon arrival on Sunday but then felt ill on Monday and asked for a COVID-19 test. This second student tested positive on both the rapid antigen tests as well as a confirmatory PCR test.

Convocation: COVID-19 Tests Required—August 30, 2021 (Sprague)
I write to remind you of this year’s Convocation, our 220th, that will take place tomorrow, August 31, at 3:30 p.m. in Pickard Theater. We anticipate having a full audience in Pickard for this event, and in accordance with the current campus guidelines, we will require face coverings for all attendees. We are also asking all faculty and staff who wish to attend the event to test for COVID-19 using a College-supplied antigen test.

COVID-19 Update—August 23, 2021 (Ranen)
Over the weekend two students on campus tested positive for COVID-19. The fully vaccinated students both experienced mild symptoms and, as we have requested in these situations, they asked for a COVID-19 test. They are both in isolation and are receiving check ins, delivered food, and telehealth appointments.

Mask Mandate—August 23, 2021 (Rose)
Effective tomorrow, August 24—and for what I hope and expect will be for a limited time, as we welcome first-year and returning students to campus—the College will require face coverings INDOORS for all members of the campus community and all visitors, regardless of vaccination status.

Reminder: Town Hall Tonight—August 17, 2021 (Communications)
President Rose will host a ninety-minute Zoom “town hall” meeting this evening (Tuesday, August 17) beginning at 7:00 p.m. EDT to answer your questions about the fall semester at Bowdoin.

Important Information for Upperclass Move-In—August 16, 2021 (Ranen)
We are excited to welcome you back to campus in just a few short weeks. I am writing to provide specific information about moving in to your residence hall. Please read the information carefully and remember we are holding a Zoom “town hall” tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 7:00 p.m.—you can submit your questions ahead of time at townhallquestions@bowdoin.edu.

Campus Service Changes for Fall 2021—August 16, 2021 (Orlando)
We are entering a busy fall semester, working our way back into something close to normal operations. As we do that, we are managing the largest enrollment in the College’s history and impacted by the well-publicized labor and supply shortages across Maine and the country.

Fall COVID-19 Updates—August 10, 2021 (Ranen)
I write to share more details about our fall plan. As President Rose outlined in his message last week, we are confident in our ability to have a safe semester that is close to normal, with all students, faculty, and staff back on campus for in-person classes and a full slate of activities. As he noted, SARS-COV-2 will be with us for some time, and we will need to learn how to manage it, both to protect the health and safety of our community and to operate in ways that are close to normal.

Fall Semester Update—July 30, 2021 (Rose)
I hope you have been having a restful and fun summer, and that life has been moving closer to normal for you, your families, and your friends. With the arrival of first-year students now less than a month away and the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, I am writing to update you on our pandemic-related plans for the fall semester.

COVID-19 Vaccination Information—July 22, 2021 (Maher)
I hope these summer days are fun, restful, and restorative, and that you are looking forward—as we are—to being back on campus and to a fall semester in Maine that has the promise of everything that makes Bowdoin so special.

Vaccination Policy Information—June 24, 2021 (Rose)
As I announced on April 16, the College will require everyone in the campus community to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 when we reconvene for the fall semester.

Vaccination Policy FAQ—June 24, 2021 (Lohmann)
This is just a quick note to let you know that the College has posted an updated set of questions to frequently asked questions about our COVID-19 vaccination requirement for students, faculty, and staff. You can find it here on the College website.