BAS Guidelines 

Statement of Aims

  • The organization of the Bowdoin Administrative Staff provides a forum for the discussion of issues of mutual interest and concern and fosters collegiality among administrative officers of the College. It seeks to promote a voice representative of its members, encouraging regular communications with the senior officers, faculty, and support staff of the College and wider participation in College affairs.


  • Membership will include all who are designated officers of the administration.

The Steering Committee

  • The Steering Committee will consist of nine members, seven voting members elected from the general membership of the Bowdoin Administrative Staff, with the Executive Assistant to the President and the Director of Human Resources serving as non-voting, ex-officio members.
  • The seven voting members of the Committee will be elected at large by the Bowdoin Administrative Staff for staggered three-year terms.
  • A chairperson, vice-chair, and secretary will be elected from the elected members by the Committee.
  • The Steering Committee may create ad-hoc committees as necessary, requesting volunteers from the general membership.


  • There will be at least one meeting of the Bowdoin Administrative Staff held each semester.
  • All meetings will be called and presided over by the Chairperson of the Steering Committee.
  • The general membership may submit items that will be placed on an agenda. The agenda will be distributed to the general membership by the Steering Committee at least one week before the meeting.
  • Action on all motions will be decided by the majority of those present at the meeting.
  • Items of new business not included on the agenda will be voted on at the following meeting.

Nominations and Elections Procedures

  • The Steering Committee will appoint a nominating committee to conduct elections.
  • Nominations will be solicited from the general membership
  • Only written nominations will be accepted
  • Self-nominations are acceptable.
  • Elections will be held in January of each year or whenever a vacancy occurs.

Amendment of the By-Laws

  • These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote received by the general membership. Ballots will be distributed to the general membership by mail.